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Koi Swaddle

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The Koi Swaddle made it into the collection because of one of my favourite hiding spots in Sydney, Arthur McElhone Reserve. You simply can't visit without sitting by the fish pond, mesmerised by the gorgeous fish dancing around each other. 

This is the perfect swaddle for a picnic by the pond, as you can lay it flat for tummy time in the park, or have it to accompany you while breastfeeding under the magnolia trees. 

With cotton and bamboo combination of the swaddle means that it's perfect to keep your baby cozy no matter what time of year you visit the park. 

All the swaddles are generously sized at 120 cm x 120 cm.


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Why Cotton + Bamboo?


A breathable material that draws moisture away from the body, reducing the risk of your baby getting a rash. A strong fibre means your baby can really put it to the test.


A sustainable and hypoallergenic fabric with antibacterial qualities, reduces the need to constantly wash the swaddle, particularly with harsh detergents which may irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn.

Buy a Swaddle, Save a Baby

One dollar from every order is donated to Red Nose Australia, who work towards saving the lives of babies during pregnancy, birth and infancy.

Why Choose Us?

The Swaddle Society was created by a new mum for new mums. So we have tested our swaddles in all new mum situations to make sure our products can holdup against the curveballs thrown by newborns.