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When I knew I was going to become a mum, I kept my eye out for all the baby essentials. I didn't want to waste money on clothing that the baby was going to grow out of almost immediately, so I decided I'd rather wrap the baby in swaddles that can easily change in size as the baby grows. To my disappointment, there wasn't a lot on the market that wasn't either a plain colour that was overpriced, or a cheap, and as a result poor quality, swaddle with children's cartoons all over it. 

Knowing that I would be using swaddles daily, not only for wrapping my baby and soothing it to go to sleep, but also to accompany me whilst breastfeeding, I thought I should print some swaddles which were more reflective of my style so that I could easily incorporate it into my wardrobe as well as my baby's. 

It wasn't until the baby was born and I started using the swaddles out and about that I started getting compliments for the swaddles and questions about where to buy them. It was clear that I wasn't the only mum looking for sophisticated and stylish baby products that could be incorporated into our daily lives, without looking like a baby bomb had been set off. 

And so the boutique swaddle shop online by The Swaddle Society came to be. Swaddles created by a new mum for new mums.

About The Swaddle Society

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