We are an Australian online boutique providing you with stylish baby muslin wraps perfect for swaddling a newborn, sleep, nursing, breastfeeding, and tummy time. Our baby muslin wraps are decorated with unique modern designs, giving you a sophisticated and stylish muslin blanket wrap that can be incorporated into your personal style and daily life. There aren't a lot of muslin blankets available that aren't either an overpriced plain muslin, or cheap, and as a result poor quality, baby or newborn muslin with children's cartoons all over it. This is where we are different, our baby muslins are not only functional but stylish with unique stunning designs for both bub and Mum. 

All you need to do is take one look at the muslin baby blankets range and it is clear to see we stand for style and superior quality. The Swaddle Society range of muslins was created by a new Mum for new Mums. 

Why Choose The Swaddle Society For Your Baby Muslin Wraps?

Our uniquely designed baby muslins are made from high-quality material and made complete with beautiful designs. The Swaddle Society provides our beautiful baby muslins to Mums located anywhere in Australia. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, or Brisbane; no suburb or town is too far for us and you can be assured of having access to beautiful baby muslins wherever you might be located. 

Our sophisticated soft muslin wraps are not only comfortable and cozy but look lovely for Mum and bub, our customers often share with us how everywhere they go, other Mums say these are the most beautiful baby muslins and ask where they found such a nice looking baby muslin wrap. 

Aesthetics aside, all of our baby muslins are made from bamboo and cotton, resulting in each baby muslin not only looking divine but providing the highest comfort for bub and the highest hygiene standard you would expect from a muslin bub spends a lot of time in. The cotton fabric ensures the baby muslin is breathable and draws moisture away from the bub's body, lessening the risk of bub getting a rash. The bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic with strong antibacterial qualities, which reduces the constant need to wash your muslin, especially with harsh detergents which may irritate bubs sensitive skin. 

How Do I Swaddle With These Stylish Baby Muslin Wraps?

When bub first comes along in the hospital, your nurses might show you some swaddling techniques using baby muslin wraps that will keep bub's hands nice and tight against the body. This technique is perfect for newborns as it is super comfy for the baby to begin with, however, you will notice about a month later bub fighting their way out of the baby muslin, trying to find a way to free their hands. When you notice this, you will want to keep baby swaddled but still allow them access to their hands and arms, to achieve this, this is our preferred way: 

  1. Fold down the top edge of the swaddle a few inches. How much will depend on bubs forearm length. 
  2. Lay bub on the muslin cloth so that bub's shoulders are in line with the folded top edge. 
  3. Take one arm of bub and pop it under the fold you created. 
  4. From the side where you have tucked away bubs arm, bring the swaddle across bubs body, and secure the extra fabric flat behind the bubs back. 
  5. For the opposite arm, repeat steps 3 and 4. 
  6. To finish swaddling bub, take the loose swaddle fabric by the legs of bub and fold it up, securing it behind bub's back around the waist.

Important swaddling things to note: 

  • Never ever swaddle bub with their arms secured straight down by their sides. 
  • Always keep the muslin cloth around bub's legs loose. 
  • When bub is able to start rolling, you will need to forego swaddling the baby's arms entirely. 

How Do I Choose The Right Baby Muslin Wraps?

If the baby muslin is for yourself then think about your style and which design will fit best into the way you like to dress day to day, in saying this, you will find all of our designs do blend in nicely with any outfit of choice. Want to impress a new Mum with a well-thought-out unique gift as well as the best baby muslin gift available on the market or do you want to give the best baby muslin cloth shower gift? Whatever your reason for the special gift, you’re in the right place. Making the right muslin cloth choice for someone else might be tricky as you might not have much idea as to what they might prefer style-wise, in this situation, go for items with less colours and more neutrals like our monochrome baby muslin or a baby muslin with softer colours and design such as our softly coloured tulip muslin so it can be easily matched to any style the new Mum usually dresses in. 

The new Mum might have dropped hints of their interests now and then, there may be hints of the styles they like in the way they dress, or perhaps there are clues around their home like having flowers about or animal decor around the home which might provide hints as to what style they would likely prefer. 

Regardless of the style you choose for someone else, all of our designs blend in seamlessly with all styles of dress, so you can always choose to simply follow your gut when choosing the perfect muslin wrap for someone else. 

Do You Deliver Muslin Cloths Australia Wide?

We most certainly do deliver the best muslin swaddles online anywhere within Australia! Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, or Tasmania, we ship our beautiful baby muslins right to your doorstep. All you need to do is let us know your shipping address, and we will do the rest. 

If you have any specific questions about delivery or our delivery times, how long orders take to arrive, or processes, please get in touch with us here. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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