Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts of 2021

Did you know that Australians are birthing over 300, 000 babies a year? That’s a lot of babies, that’s a lot of sleep deprived parents and a lot of Baby Shower Gifts. When it comes to Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts, purchasing sensible and useful gifts that assist parents and the child for a peaceful home setting is key. At The Swaddle Society, we seriously care about how well your baby sleeps, because ultimately that determines how well you sleep! Gifts that aid in this department in our eyes are most helpful to parents who are already exhausted and busy with a newborn child. Rather than buying newborn clothing that the baby will soon grow out of, explore some other gift ideas that parents will surely be grateful for.

Silky Tots

Silky Tots - Silky Bassinet Slips
Silky Tots Silky Bassinet Slips are conducive to preventing hair loss in babies as they sleep. Silk is the strongest of natural fibres, containing natural proteins that are breathable and temperature regulatory. Silk is also hypoallergenic and prevents nasties such as dust mites from attacking the body. 
Silky Tot’s Silky Bassinet Slips are composed of material that is a natural fungal repellant and doesn’t conduct static electricity. Static hair can occur when static electricity develops in hair strands and causes the hairs from repealing each other. Static hair can cause hair loss in all humans, specifically towards babies as their hairs are so fine.

Not only does sleeping on silk prevent hair breakage, but it also encourages proper moisture balance that encourages hair growth amongst babies.

Hair breakage is common and inevitable amongst babies. In such cases, Silky Tot’s Silky Bassinet Slips are encouraged to be used when the baby sleeps. Make sure when the baby is awake that their playtime is Tummy Time. Tummy Time is when the baby is on their front/stomach to build core and neck muscles. Tummy Time reduces hair breakage as the baby’s head isn’t brushing up against surfaces.

Sensory Space - Moon Touch Lamp
The Moon Touch Lamp is a Rainbow Sensory LED lamp available through Sensory Space with 16 different lamp colour options that can be controlled. Soothing and calming, the Moon Touch Lamp is a night light that stimulates calmness for parents and the baby.
Adequate sensory stimulation is crucial to the cognitive development of babies. Sensory stimulation tools are items that engage the baby with their senses of sight (visual), touch (tactile), smell, (olfactory),  hearing (auditory), and taste (gustatory). Common Sensory objects for newborn babies include rattles, hearing lullabies, trying new foods, scented aromatherapy, and visual light changes. The Moon Touch Lamp is active and changing, making it a great asset that stimulates a baby’s intrigue and exploration of sight and touch. 
Parents can stimulate a baby's senses by dedicating time to creating a sensory experience for newborns. The Moon Touch Lamp can be turned on to create a soothing atmosphere that calms the baby. Other things parents can do during this experience is to turn on music and give the baby something tactile of various textures to play with. This is also a great opportunity to introduce the baby to new scents and moving objects such as fans, fluttering curtains and wall shadows.

The sophisticated design of the Moon Light is particularly aesthetically pleasing due to its embossment and fine structure. The Moon Light is suitable for babies and adults, impressive in its features and overall look.
Paediatrics and Child Health have reported that delay in developmental growth is common amongst children who don't receive sufficient sensory stimulation. The Moon Touch Lamp is a great resource that is gentle to the senses of new babies and can be adjusted for optimal or less brightness depending on what is required.
The 3D Moon Lamp comes with a remote for control functions and is rechargeable through the plugins provided. 
Ideas for further Sensory Stimulation in building a Sensory Space can be found through SPD (Sensory Support Disorder) Parent Support

Snoo Bear
Happiest Baby - The SNOObear
The SNOObear is an adorable and cuddly toy that babies love to hug and listen to. Unique to the SNOObear is the White Noise machine installed into its belly to shush babies and is conducive to calmness. The SNOObear is an incredibly impressive baby shower gift that is purchasable on Happiest Baby and can play magical sounds that can track surrounding sounds. SNOObear plays white noise sounds that block out external noises such as dishes, traffic and siblings and encourages a calming atmosphere for rest.

The SNOObear can be timed to play sounds for 30-60 minutes and tracks prevalent noises such as baby’s cries and movement for up to 3 hours after sounds stop. A utility such as the SNOObear supports newborn parents during the night and can assist with tracking the baby’s rest.
The Archives of Disease in Childhood even conducted a study on the effect of White Noise on sleep induction and reported that 80% of babies were able to fall asleep after 5 minutes of listening to white noise sound.

Ikou Aromatherapy

iKOU - Sleep Aromatherapy
iKOU is a Japanese phrase that refers to relaxation and restoration. iKou is an Australian owned and operated business that provides products and services for natural body care, bath, skincare and aromatherapy. iKou’s Sleep Aromatherapy products are wonderful baby shower gifts that are purchasable through their online store, including essential oils and diffusers that can mask odours from nappies and unwanted nasties.  

Baby Sleep Aromatherapy revolves around the application of natural plant extracts in various forms to better the wellbeing and health of babies. Aromatherapy has been practised for thousands of years and can be compared to a naturopathy massage to ease the mind, body and spirit of adults. Parents wishing to explore Sleep Aromatherapy can seek out Essential Oils to check iKOU for remedies.

Baby aromatherapy items that can be gifted as Baby Shower Gifts include:

  • aromatic spritzersHanako Therapies has developed a specific Mother and Baby Blend of chamomile, lavender, Frankincense for adaptation to the many scents of the new world;
  • Baby diffusers; Milk and Love Australia sells Baby Diffusers with features of Red Light, Humidification, Aromatherapy and Pink Light to cue and encourage sleep;  
  • Bathing salts; Hendrix Baby Bath Time Salts is available through the AdoreBeauty Ecommerce Store. Sharing a salt bath with babies can be a very enriching and intimate experience between parents and babies to nurture a calming relationship. Dr Mandava is an expert dermatologist who has shared the benefits of bathing salts for children, including inflammation reduction, blood circulation improvement, building healthy joints, skin exfoliation, healthy oxygen flow, sunscreen effectivity and muscle reparation. There's really nothing quite like bath time before bed. 

Gro Anywhere Blind

Gro UK - Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds
The Gro Anywhere Blinds are portable Blackout Blind that parents can carry anywhere with them, perfect for outings or long visits to ensure babies have restful sleep in a dark space. Eva Klein is a certified child sleep consultant and infant specialist who has reported that Light suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you sleepy. And when there's too much light shining into the room, it makes falling asleep and staying asleep much more challenging”.

Blackout Blinds block outside noise, which is particularly useful to parents who wish to clean during baby’s nap without worry of waking up the baby. The darkness of the blinds also help with temperature control to keep baby nice and cool during rest. Temperature regulation is important to babies because infants often overheat easily. 
Kiddle Care has shared an informational video about the benefits of using the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds. 

Kogan Baby Cam
Kogan - Smart  Baby Monitor Camera

Kogan’s 1080p Smart Baby Monitor Camera is a fantastic baby shower gift that ensures the safety of infants. Parents and guardians can easily hook up the Baby Monitor for streaming on their phone, allowing adults to carry out other activities whilst keeping a safe eye on babies. 
The Kogan Smart Baby Monitor Camera is provides clear 1080 pixel full HD video and two-way audio so that cares can communicate with the baby from their mobile device. Baby Monitor footage is versatile and can be streamed on Chromecast, Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub
The device’s detection functions also sends alerts to connected devices when the baby cries or stirs too much, and even has a humidification and temperature sensor so that carers can ensure the baby is safe and has a healthy sleep. Enabled with night visions functions, parents can check on babies during the evening without getting out of bed for great convenience and ease.
Using a Smart Baby Monitor is also incredibly useful for parents to track their baby’s sleeping habits and the quality of sleep for improvement.

Cocoonababy - Nest Bassinet
Cocoonababy stock the Cotton Bubble Nest which is an ergonomic portable bed which can be used to assist the baby with transition from the womb to a bassinet.

The nests have been engineered to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome, while cradling the baby in a way that prevents gastric reflux. Furthermore, Cocoonababy sheets are machine washable, and the nests follow safety bedding regulations.

The curvatures of the Cocoonababy nests make them a useful baby shower gift that supports newborn babies in a semi-foetal position for ultimate comfort. More Cocoonababy features can be viewed through Red Castle’s resourceful video.

The Swaddle Society - Swaddles
Finally, It would be silly not to suggest our swaddles. Swaddles make for a wonderful baby shower gift as they are gentle on the skin, lite to carry, easy to fold and store, and can be used in the future for other purposes. Furthermore, it’s important to note that newborn grow rapidly out of their newborn clothes. Using a swaddle for babies is an inexpensive alternative to clothing, in order to protect newborns, regulate their body temperature and wrap babies to be carried.
The Swaddle Society’s products are elegant and beautifully designed. From Australian flora and fauna such as the Banksia Swaddle that includes Australian cockatoos through to the Holland Tulip Swaddle inspired by the Netherlands, the Swaddle Society’s swaddles are an impressive baby shower gift. If you’re a little confused on how to swaddle a baby, don’t forget to checkout details on How To Swaddle a Baby, and watch the handy instructional video if you’re still getting the hang of swaddling.